Party of One: Maybe I’m Just Crazy

I was widowed in 1998. That’s when I became an official “party of one” in restaurants. Having waitressed for years, I knew servers didn’t covet single diners. Even if they tipped 20%, party of one checks earned you party of one tips. This fact hasn’t changed.

This blog is a reflection of what happened to me during the single years that followed. I’m not exactly sure why I feel it’s necessary to write about those years.  Maybe it’s just for cathartic purposes, another journaling exercise—except in public.

Maybe I think there are others out there that might benefit from my experiences as a mature, single Christian woman and be encouraged when they discover they’re not alone in their desires, needs and concerns. Maybe they’ll learn not to do some of the things I’ve done. Maybe, after looking into my head, they’ll find hope in the fact that they’re not as bad off as I was.  Or maybe they’ll just get a good laugh.

Or maybe I’m just crazy. The jury is still out.

DISCLAIMER: One more thing. Throughout this blog, I might be making unfounded generalizations and broad sweeping statements. So before you write me a scathing letter or decide to sue me, please preface all the unfounded generalizations and broad sweeping statements you find with this phrase, “It has been my experience that . . . .”

Now lighten up and enjoy! And know that I own nothing worth suing me for.

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