Party of One: We Have Opportunity

Single people have so much opportunity to be creative, helpful, productive, focused, generous and useful.

What famous person do you know that was single and accomplished a lot? Let me see. Just to name one:  Jesus. You didn’t hear him whining about the fact that he was lonely or bored. He had close friends and a teaching ministry that led multitudes to his Father. He spent his days doing what he was called to do: praying, teaching, traveling, preaching and caring for others. He never married or had biological children, but he loved kids more than anyone.

I said it when I was single, and I’ve heard it said by other singles, “I wonder if I’ll ever meet Somebody. I just want to be with Somebody. I really need Somebody.

Well, here’s a news flash: You are Somebody.

Are you going to spend all your time and energy looking for a bit part in the frantic single scene only to end up as the understudy for Somebody Else?  You have to live your life as God intended: use every ounce of all you have and do all you can to glorify his name while you’re here on earth. Live your life to the fullest right now. Don’t wait for Somebody Else to do it for you.

It took me years to figure out what God wanted me to do. Then it took years more to do it. When I write, I’m doing what God called me to do. I feel it when I hear a word and touch the keys. When my mind and heart keep going long after my fingers tire.  The desire of my heart is being met. And that has nothing to do with being married or single, but it has everything to do with God’s purpose for my life.  It’s my cup of water for him.

What are you called to do? What opportunities has the Lord provided for you? Are you using them? Or do you think you have to wait until after you’re married?

Oh, you silly, silly person. You won’t have near as much time then!

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