Party of One: Pay Attention to Warning Signs

I admit my dating life in the eight years I was widowed was limited. I credit this fact to my ability to recognize early on the warning signs that things were not working out.  Here are just a few of those ways:

  • Repeated yawning during a date– either by you or them.
  • Long periods of silence in between sentences.
  • Most of the conversation surrounds their late or ex-wife.
  • Most of the conversation surrounds their mother.
  • They never call you and do not return your phone calls.
  • They accept personal phone calls and text messages during the date– and you want them to.
  • Rolling your eyes while they’re telling you a story over the phone (or worse if you do it in person).
  • You don’t know the definition of every other word they speak.
  • They don’t get your jokes and you don’t get theirs.  In fact, they never laugh.
  • You find yourself saying “Ohhh, wowww” a lot.*

(*I’ve found that when I’m not interested in what someone is saying, I end up giving them a long drawn out “Ohhh, wowww . . . ” I don’t know what else to say, so in my attempt at being polite, I feign astonishment. What I’m really astonished at is that they find this whole topic interesting and that I’m actually considering furthering this relationship for a lifetime of “Ohhh, wowwws.”)

What can I say, I’m a quick study.  So pay attention to the warning signs!

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