Party of One: Female vs. Male Thought Processes

FEMALE THOUGHT PROCESS: Let’s say a single woman sees a “good prospect” at, say, a church function, so she assumes he’s a Christian. Here is her thought process:

  1. Ooh, look at him.
  2. Ooh, no ring.
  3. Ooh, wonder what his name is?
  4. Ooh, wonder what my name would sound like with his?
  5. Hmm, wonder where he lives?
  6. Hmm, wonder if we’d live here or there?
  7. Hmm, wonder where we’d go to church?
  8. Hmm, wonder if we’d have to switch off holidays with our families?
  9. Ooh, I hosie Christmas with mine!
  10. Ooh, I’ll tell you one thing, he’s getting rid of that tie.

You notice I didn’t say anything about the actual wedding. That’s because it’s been planned for years. Women are just looking to cut and paste the groom into the picture.

MALE THOUGHT PROCESS: Now here’s the equivalent for men.

  1. Ooo, look at her.
  2. Ooo, I want her.

Yeah, that’s about it.

And whose brain is the better off for it? The female brain that idles continuously then meanders all over the road? Or the male brain that goes from first to fifth gear in three seconds flat? For women, it’s about making time; for men, it’s about making good time. I suppose neither is better or worse, just very different.

Remember, if God is not in it, one goes nowhere slow; the other goes nowhere fast. So seek his will first.

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