Party of One: What a Brilliant Idea!

There were eight single diners and my husband David and me at the Party of One brunch at IHOP on Sunday. Listening to the ten of us  I was reminded of the Six Degrees of Separation Theory, which is simply based on the “it’s a small world” phenomenon. The more we talked the more we found we had in common, and the differences faded away.

  • “Your daughter lives in Plymouth? I grew up in Plymouth.”
  • “You come from Alabama? My husband comes from Alabama!”
  • “You’re from McLean, Virginia? I lived there for a while, too!”
  • “Your son lives in Wilmington? That’s where I’m spending Thanksgiving.”
  • “You love Indian food? I do, too.”
  • “You lived on the Cape? I lived on the Cape.”

Even though I trusted that God called me to begin the Party of One ministry, a communal table for single diners, I am not afraid or ashamed to ask for his confirmation. He has provided it in a number of ways. First, it’s been one of the simpler events I’ve organized. Second, now that it’s underway, I don’t feel like I’m dragging a dead horse around. I feel like I’m on Secretariat’s back! Third, this is what I’m hearing from the participants:

  • “Thank you so much for starting this!”
  • “When do we meet next?”
  • “I so appreciate the fact that you did this.”
  • “I know someone I want to invite.”
  • “This was a brilliant idea!”

I agree; it was a brilliant idea. And since I’ve never been accused of being brilliant, I suspect it was Holy Spirit inspired.

If you haven’t joined us yet, why don’t you come see for yourself?

Clarice and Susan D.

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2 Responses to Party of One: What a Brilliant Idea!

  1. Congratulations on the success of your dream.

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