Party of One: It’s the Meal that Makes the Difference

Abby (sorry, Abby), Noreen and her hubby Gary Clarice, Mary and Susan (Susan has a lovely smile, really!)

At our 4th Party of One gathering last Friday, we had five married people and two singles! But that’s okay. Since our goal is to connect lonely diners, whether single or married, we consider it a success!

It is odd, though, how a group of people who really don’t know each other too well or have that much in common can fill an evening with lively conversation. There wasn’t one awkward moment of silence! The conversation went from work to hobbies to writing to children to where we were born and where we had lived. It also included some stories of matchmaking success and some not so successful experiences.

I believe the key ingredient in sharing so openly is in doing so over a meal. Sitting around a table relaxes people; it puts everyone at ease. Even the waitress had fun listening in on a few of our conversations!

When I think back on my childhood, the times I remember fondly are those with guests seated around our kitchen table, usually over coffee and baked goods. It didn’t matter if the guests were men or women, lawyers or plumbers, or young or old. The hospitality they enjoyed made them come back.

We can apply that same principle to the Party of One fellowship. It works. Quite well, too.

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2 Responses to Party of One: It’s the Meal that Makes the Difference

  1. Congratulations on the success of your idea.

  2. Thanks, Cecelia. I appreciate your encouragement!

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