Party of One: Christ-mas Cheer!

Gary, (Marie hidden by Gary) Noreen, Jerri, Wanda, Clarice and Abby-- and of course David behind the camera. Facing front: Marie, Noreen and Jeri. Backs to us: Gary and Abby

With Christmas only a week away, I wondered if just a few would show up for our Party of One fellowship. We were eight in all! Most were in high spirits; a few were a little down. It seems that no matter how hard we try, the Christmas and New Year holidays can bring emotions to the surface. Even when we’re with someone, loneliness can loom in and around us.

From the smiles on their faces at the end of the meal, we believe our time together brightened an otherwise gloomy time for some.

As we shared our activities for Christmas, we were happy to hear that no one would be alone. Wanda plans to drive to Portland, Maine to spend the day with one of her two sons; the second son is a little too far away to join them—on the other side of the world in China!

Noreen and her husband Gary are leaving for Ireland this Thursday (or Friday, depending on which one you ask :-)). Gary’s mother Marie joined us today for the first time. You’ll see by the photo she looked a little shell-shocked at all the gabbing and laughing going on. She might be used to a little more subdued atmosphere in her retirement complex.

Abby will be bouncing back and forth from her house in Nashua to her daughter’s in Wilmington, MA. Jerri is playing it low key this year after her recent whirlwind trip to Hawaii. When asked if she would return if even given the opportunity, her response was a resounding, “In a heartbeat!”

David and I plan to do all our visiting with family on Christmas Eve day. On Christmas Day, we’ll attend church, return home to open our gifts, and, with carols playing in the background, enjoy a leisurely brunch. Ahh, the peace and quiet of it all! [Oh, my, we do sound old, don’t we?]

Wherever you are or whomever you’re with, we hope you’ll take the time to remember the reason we call it Christ-mas!

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One Response to Party of One: Christ-mas Cheer!

  1. Stacey says:

    It’s so great to read this and know you can all be there for each other this time of year. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to the Party of One!

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