Party of One: God Places the Lonely in Families

Lonely ManScripture Verse: “God places the lonely in families; he sets the prisoners free and gives them joy.” ~ Psalm 68:6a (NLT)

Quote: “The trouble is not that I am single and likely to stay single, but that I am lonely and likely to stay lonely.”  ~ Charlotte Brontë, British Novelist (1816-1855)



Sometimes we Christians can be oblivious to the needs of those around us. It’s not intentional—it’s often the busyness of life standing in our line of sight. We’re active in other ministries; we’re chasing toddlers or taxiing children; we’re focused on our career; we’re attending school; or we’re socializing with people with whom we have more in common.

Since we’re fallible human beings, sometimes our “oblivion” can be intentional: We’re too tired; we want to do what we want to do; we don’t feel like reaching out; we’re numb to the feelings of others; we feel inadequate; or we’re so busy we actually envy those who have time alone!

The Holy Spirit is never oblivious or numb to the needs of others. He also knows what we are capable of doing and when and how we can help.

When we make a concerted effort to be in tune with His Spirit, we will see what He sees: The “never-been-marrieds” who pray for a spouse; those carrying the stigma of divorce; men and women suffering grief; the elderly feeling unappreciated; the single mother who needs “grown-up” time; the person whose spouse is serving in the military overseas; the caregiver in need of respite; or the disabled and/or those with special needs.

Once we see what God wants us to see, He will show us how we can help. Don’t be afraid; He will only give us as much as we can handle. Let’s start by tuning in to His voice.

Questions for Singles: When are your most lonely times? What do you do to combat them?

Tips for Encouragers: At church, seek out those who attend weekly services alone. Introduce yourself to them and follow-up more than once. As God’ Spirit directs, invite them to join you for a meal or to attend an event together.

The Party of One is a fellowship for those tired of dining alone. Its purpose is to share meals and spend time with singles, not singles as in “dating” singles, but singles as in a community of single diners. To join us, please contact Clarice James at or 603-578-1860.

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