Party of One: Close to the Brokenhearted

Scripture Verse: “The righteous cry out, and the Lord hears them; he delivers them from all their troubles. The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit. ~ Psalm 34:17-18 (NIV)

Quote: “After brokenness, we can experience God’s greatest blessings. The dawn after a very dark and storm-wracked night is glorious. Joy after a period of intense mourning can be ecstatic.” ~ Dr. Charles F. Stanley (1932– ) Senior pastor of First Baptist Church of Atlanta & founder of In Touch Ministries

At some time or another, we all experience times of brokenness. It could be through the death of a loved one; pain of divorce; loss of love; financial hardship; wrong career choice; failed ventures; entrenched sin and/or poor health.

Sometimes we’re tempted to wallow in our brokenness and self-pity. It’s comfortable and addictive. But self-pity serves no useful purpose. It’s a basic tool of Satan because it feeds our flesh, not our spirit. If you’ve ever said any of these things, then you’ve made him a happy devil.

  1. I’m tired of things never going my way.
  2. Just for once, I’d like to come out on the winning side!
  3. Could things get any worse?
  4. I’ll never make it through this!
  5. I’ve got no one to help me.
  6. Lord, take me now!
  7. What’s wrong with me? Why can’t I get a promotion? Find a husband [or a wife]? Have a child? Lose weight? Stop drinking? Earn more money? [You fill in the blank.]

Going through these times isn’t easy. The key word here is “through.” We will go through the brokenness and come out on the other side—where joy is waiting with open arms.

When you’re on the verge of whining, remember that God uses times of brokenness to strengthen us and prepare us for the work He has intended us to do. During these trials, He replaces our desires with His desires.  We gain spiritual maturity and intimacy with God and discover a depth to our purpose in life.

When the Lord brings us out from the shadow of brokenness, we become whole.

Questions for the Brokenhearted:  Are you open to the people the Lord has placed in your life to ‘hold your arms up’ during your season of brokenness? Or are you too proud? Do you want to stay stuck in heartache? Or do you believe God will bring the joy He promised?

Tips for Encouragers: Don’t be the judge of who God wants you to encourage. Let the Lord direct you to that person. Don’t offer quick fixes and platitudes. Wait with them. Pray for them. Meet material needs as He directs. Understand that not everyone’s heart heals at the same pace.

The Party of One is a fellowship for those tired of dining alone. Its purpose is to share meals and spend time with singles, not singles as in “dating” singles, but singles as in a community of single diners. Single adults are encouraged to join us! For more info, please contact Clarice James at or 603-578-1860.

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3 Responses to Party of One: Close to the Brokenhearted

  1. I particularly liked your Tips for Encouragers. Our tendency too often is to “offer quick fixes and platitudes.” A great reminder of the important responsibility of sensitive encouragement in the body of Christ.

  2. Thanks, Debra. Yes, we need more “sensitive encouragement” in the body of Christ.

  3. Jim Hamlett says:

    I’m with Debra. Liked your Tips for Encouragers. I confess there are times when I’m at a loss for words. A good hug works best–and southerners are good huggers! 🙂

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