Party of One: Called to Love Differently

Scripture Verse:  “If you love those who love you, what reward will you get? Are not even the tax collectors doing that? And if you greet only your own people, what are you doing more than others? Do not even pagans do that?” ~ Matthew 5:46-47 (NIV)

Quote: “God doesn’t love us because of our worth; we are of worth because God loves us.”  ~ Martin Luther (1483-1546) Priest & theology professor

The Law of Attraction says: That which is like unto itself is drawn. Birds of a feather flock together. Two peas in a pod. Like attracts like.

How does this “law” reconcile with Matthew 5:46-47? Does it negate our responsibilities to those with whom we have nothing in common? Let’s look at Jesus’ example.

Did Jesus hang out with other Sons of God? Or perfect men like him? Maybe he sought the company of women who didn’t need his help? How about rich people? Were they his only target? Were all his contacts a picture of physical and mental health? Were they all well-mannered and polite? Did they all give generously? Were they dressed in the latest fashions? Were those he healed all Believers?

If we as Christians only search out people with whom we have much in common, we miss the spirit of God’s Word. We are called to love those who are different from us because God has called us to be different . . . to go beyond the actions of others.

Is it easy? Nope. Is it worth it? Always.

Believers are called to love believers and unbelievers—not just those who fall under The Law of Attraction or who believe as we do. Their worth is in the fact that God loves them. So is ours. We are all God’s creation.

Questions for the Invitees: How do you react when strangers reach out to you? Do you respond in kind? Or are you filled with fear? Do you lack trust? Do you ever reach out to others? Or do you feel since you’re single it’s someone else’s responsibility?

Tips for Invitors: Don’t come on too strong. As far as it’s within your power, begin a relationship prior to inviting an individual to an event. Realize that some people are scared and need to feel secure. Accept that some will never be open to your invitation. Pray for God to point you in the right direction.

The Party of One is a fellowship for those tired of dining alone. Its purpose is to share meals and spend time with singles, not singles as in “dating” singles, but singles as in a community of single diners. Single adults are encouraged to join us! For more info, please contact Clarice James at or 603-578-1860.

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2 Responses to Party of One: Called to Love Differently

  1. Great encouragement for this vital ministry of fellowship around the table. Thank you, also, for the reminder of Jesus’ clear example.

  2. Thank you, Debra, for your encouragement!

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