BertuccisNashuaDoorBertucci’s:  Plus Side: 3-star Italian food; reasonable prices; seats groups up to 14 comfortably; and accommodates separate checks.  Minus Side: High noise level; there may be a  wait.

WeathervaneWethervane Seafood Restaurant: Plus Side: Most welcoming staff; free function room that seats up to 60; no problem getting in; not only seafood on menu; reasonable prices; and accommodates separate checks. Minus Side: 2-star taste.

T-BonesT-Bones Great American EateryPlus Side: 3.5 star food; welcoming staff; seats up to 16; huge menu; reasonable prices; and accommodates separate checks–and adds tip. Minus Side: Always busy; takes “call-aheads” but no reservations; cramped; no function room.

DennysDenny’s  Plus Side: Quick turnover; seats up to 16 at two tables; private room available; reasonable prices; good breakfasts; and accommodates separate checks.  Minus Side: 2-star taste.

IHOP: Plus Side:IHOP  Pleasant staff; seats up to 10 at a single table; private function area can be reserved; reasonable prices; variety; and accommodates separate checks (with some difficulty). Minus Side: Pancakes are good, but the rest of the menu is 2-star.


Lui LuiPlus Side: 3.5 star food; pleasant staff; good variety; larger group needs multiple tables; and accommodates separate checks. Minus Side: A bit cramped. No elevator for lower level private room.

Pancake Breakfasts & Community Fundraisers: Plus Side: Low prices for complete homemade meals; money goes to good cause; people grateful; usually room for a large group. Minus Side: Self-service, never too sure of menu; ambiance limited.

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